Ingredients for success

In order for us as human beings to accomplish something meaningful we need to do a few specific things.  Ingredients for success if you like.  We have to ‘Want something that doesn’t exist’.  It doesn’t have to be anything more than it is ‘Attainable’ after that it only needs to be ‘Specific’.  We’re not talking about an everyday type of want, like what you want to eat, or to have a nice place to live, a fancy car or lots of money. Get the idea in your mind.  Do you have it?overcome

Now ask yourself What If?  What if you could attain it?  What would it look like?  Don’t forget, It has to be specific.  This is not going to happen over night, but it won’t necessarily take the rest of you life either.  This is something you really want and are willing to work for.  For many of us this may be the hardest part of the entire process.

Do you have it in mind?  Be as specific as possible.  Now write it down, just as specifically as you thought about it.  Make the writing large enough that you can read it from a few feet away, something that you could place on your mirror and see every time you look at yourself, then place it where you will see it all the time, someplace you  can’t help but see all the time.  If we want it, write it down and place it in a highly visible place.  It will happen.

Each time you see it, each time you read it, you will believe it a little more.  More and more and more.  Slowly it will come to be a mantra for us a belief so powerful that our unconscious mind will take over thinking and working on it.

create-opportunitiesThis will be something that would otherwise not normally exist.  A goal that otherwise would not happen, you will have to use your creativity to imagine it and achieve it.  Most goals are simple they are just the next step, ways that are already proven.  We want to achieve things that haven’t been done by us or maybe even by anyone.  ‘Exponential Change’.  Don’t start with what is possible but with what seems impossible….  you’ll know its the right goal when it takes some courage to even think it.

Make sure you write it down so you don’t let yourself off the hook, and personally commit to it.  Place it it where it will be seen by you all the time, no one else has to see it, but you do.  Now within twenty four hours take some kind of action to achieve it. Anything that starts you on the path to its accomplishment.

If you do this here’s what will happen, the universe will come to your aide.  I don’t know how it works, and I don’t care, it just does.  We don’t know how electricity works, but when we flip the switch it does.  The universe likes goals, write them down, commit to them and take action on them.  The universe will come to your aide.  Maybe you’ll meet someone, see something, read something that tweaks something within you.  It may not be the exact angle to get there, but its a way to get to the next step,  In other circumstances you may not have even thought it would apply, but because you set the goal and committed to it, the universe is helping you out in creative ways.

When something is working, don’t limit the success you could have, as humans we tend to get scared of things we don’t know about.  I’m not saying there shouldn’t be some healthy caution, but don’t limit your success, before you even give it a chance.

What If?  What would it look?  What if I could?  askThe world is your limit.  A test you can apply to yourself to see if you might be able to accomplish it is this.   Are you alive?  …Then you could.   There is a profound and divine reason we are all here.  That reason is to do everything we can for others, in that reason, with our creativity and commitment to accomplishing it, nothing is impossible.

How do we motivate ourselves how do we motivate those around us?  Well that’s simple we’ve been taught since we came into this world the same way, Reward and punishment, clean up your mess or get grounded, get good grades or you’ll fail, make more money get the things you want.  As human beings we’ve been taught this from early on, lets get a perspective on this, this is the exact way we train animals.

What sets us apart as human beings is our ability to respond to the most powerful motivational force on this planet, our sense of purpose.  Why we do what we do means everything to us.  If you want to get more out of yourself, more out of those around you, more out of your lives, more out of your careers remember why you do what you do, what your fundamental purpose is.  It works.

We all have these great purposes in our lives.  Some are just in smaller circles of influence.  Yours might be in a relationship, as a parent, as part of your community, spiritually.  They are the reasons we do what we do, the way we spend our time.  Write them down and ask yourself, are you limiting what you can do, by driving with the breaks on?

Most of us are.  I’m going to do it, maybe tomorrow.  We see it all the time.  If we want to take the breaks off we need to resolve to become the best at whatever our purpose is.  We’re all guilty of coasting as soon as something starts working.  Good becomes the enemy of great.  What would it take you to become the best?  Write it down, right now.  Write these questions down and there answers.  It won’t take long, you already know the answers.  We know what we need to do, we just don’t do it.  If you do, it will change your life.

optimismYou’re worth it, you only have so much time on this planet, if it’s worth your time to do something it’s worth your time to do it right.  What if? What would it look like? What if I could?  Set your sights on goals that don’t exist.  Become the best at what you do or want.  Live your life to its fullest.   You have a purpose.  We can change people’s lives.  We can change our lives.  Life is a wonderful thing.

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What If?

For most of us, life is an ongoing search to uncover the opportunities.  Even though they may be happening all around us, all the time there is a constant battle inside us, trying to figure out whether we think something will work, whether we would like to actually do it and whether we could actually manage doing it.opportunity post

The common denominator through this whole process is that we are trying to manage change in our lives,  but that’s stupid.  Managing change never works.  It’s impossible to foretell what may come from change since change itself creates its own direction without knowing that direction there’s no way we manage it.  All we can do is create change by doing this we stay ahead of the change rather than trying to follow it.

We can do this by using, ‘What if?’, each time we ask ourselves ‘What if?’ the answer is uniquely our own and based on our understanding, experiences, wants and needs and abilities.  It’s created by us, for us no other person’s answer could be exactly the same.  At that point you are creating change and you are out in front of it because it is your change.  You are defining it rather than trying to manage what someone has started.
Once you make it a habit of asking ‘What if? you won’t want to go back.

When we are young we have very little sense of what is happening around us our world is small so we look for things to do within that world.  As we grow and learn about new things in our world, our wants and needs increase drastically along with our ability to do more.  Most of us arrive at a point where we all have more to do, than time to do it in.  We fall victim to time poverty.  It happens to everyone.  Every time we turn around we are being asked or asking ourselves for or to do something else.  It’s not our fault it’s the the way we have chosen to be.eyes of child

The trick becomes not to try and do everything but to do what matters most.  We need to make sure that we are not majoring in minor things.  There is simply not enough time to do everything.  But there is enough time to do the most important things, we have to decide for ourselves what those things are.  What will make the largest impact on what we need or want the most.  Its not about the challenge itself, it’s about how it could impact the outcomes we are looking for.

‘What if?’, can help us in a big way.  Because it helps us to change our thinking,  It helps us to become possibility thinkers instead of reactors. We open our minds to the possibilities around us.  By asking ‘What if?’, all we are doing is taking a problem and using our uniqueness to come up with an answer.  We do this by making it an exercise in fun.  This makes things lite and easier to deal with.  What usually happens is we place them on a pedestal, ‘Oh the problem’, ‘look at the problem’.
We don’t want to diminish the importance of problems, but if we can make them fun it helps us distance our self from them, stand outside of them, obtain a different and often better perspective.  Hence a better solution but one that is uniquely ours.

perspectiveWe don’t want to look at things as a problem but as opportunities instead.  We hear that all the time.  But how does a problem become an opportunity.  It’s through you and me, when we become willing to step away from them, look at them from a different perspective.  In a way that has never been done before, ‘What if I could?’.  We open up our creativity, we embrace it and use it. We are, all creative, just in different ways, we have to learn about the creativity within us by using our life and experiences.

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Problems and Opportunities

Whether we like to admit it or not, our biggest problems are really not what we think they are.  Although most of us have difficulties or what we often view as problems at various times in our lives we don’t spend very much time thinking about why they occurred, or what if anything we might have done to stem its flow before it started.

For most people problems stem from 4 main areas:problems-3

1)  Someone or something else and we have now control whatsoever.
2)  We created pretty much the entire problem.
3)  Someone or something happened, but the problem was created by our reaction or lack there of.
4)  It’s not really a problem at all, but we’re reacting like it is (they are opportunities).

More than half of what we perceive as problems are rooted in what we perceive to be our own limitations (ourselves), and they could have been avoided by us.  By either thinking and planning out what we could or would do, or by changing our attitude and how we react.  Rarely are problems really problems.  More than half of what we perceive as problems are actually just misinterpreted opportunities.

In order to stop this from happening we have to change ourselves.  Before we can change anything we need to change our way of thinking, change the way our brain responds.  The most basic human cognitive function is to ask questions.  If we think about something, try to reason it out we are questioning ourselves.  We already do this all the time.  Is the light turning red or green, should I turn left or right, what did they say?

Start to pay attention to the questions that your brain is asking yourself on a daily basis, as you go through your day.  This is the self-talk, the self-questioning that is happening all the time.  Once we become aware of the questions we are asking ourselves, we can begin to take control of those questions and actually ask questions that mean something.  As we get better doing this we will begin asking great questions and we’ll begin to get great answers, if we’re don’t we won’t.

Once we are aware of the automatic questions we are asking ourselves, we can start to ask two questions that we’ve all heard, but paid very little attention to.  They are:

1) What if?what if i could
2) Why Not?

Just by asking ourselves these questions, we will begin to open up the possibilities they bring with them.

What if I Could?  What would that look like?
I know I can’t, but what if I could?  What would it look like?

We can start out asking these in a general way.  When a potential problem or  opportunity presents itself to you, even if it seems impossible, keep asking.  Try it now, think about something that you have already perceived as a problem.  What if I could _____________ (and fill in the blank).  Just say it to yourself.  What if I could _____________ (and fill in the blank).  Well, What If I Could Do That?  What would it look like?  I know I can’t, but what if I could?

By asking these questions of yourself, It doesn’t mean your going to do it.  But counter intuitively this is the actual power behind the questions, your’e not putting anything on the line, there is zero commitment on your part right now.  Anything is possible, but as soon as you ask the question your brain makes a fundamental change.  Instead of thinking of reasons to stop you from doing it, it starts thinking of reasons and ways that you can do it.  This is an extremely important point.

Compass Pointing the Way to Business OpportunityWe all have a challenge or three to deal with.  Don’t shy away from them.  Meet them head on with:  What if I could?  When you ask yourself this you start tying to come up with a creative way to get by the challenging moment.  What you come up with will be a unique product of your experience, and your experience only.  No one else could come up with the same solution.  The more you ask yourself those questions, the greater the chances are that the answer(s) to the opportunity will be something truly fantastic.

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Read the next chapter, “What If?” and we’ll talk more about opportunities around and inside of us.

Prepare To Travel

Occasionally the vicissitudes of recent journey will make you feel powerless. It is possible to manage your traveling experience by preparing before you leave and learning some simple tricks. beach-feetRead through this write-up to find tips for you to help make your vacation money stretch out further and attain your designed vacation spot with significantly less pressure on the way.

Well before departing on a trip, it is vital to be sure that all your paperwork is perfectly up to date and in order. This consists of recognition for example your driver’s certificate and passport, any essential immunization or health care records, and credit or lender credit cards. This way you will not encounter any problems when making acquisitions or on your trips regarding non-matching ID.

roosWhen deciding on a location to travel to, there is absolutely no better way to obtain information and facts then to speak with someone who has been there.  Other travelers who have or had similar needs and plans, will tell you what destinations are best and what locations try to stay away from. No guidebook can offer the very first-hand experience of another person or loved ones.

Pay attention to your intuition when traveling. Sometimes a certain retailer, person, or place will give you “poor vibes”, just leave. Your intuition could be informing you of something you haven’t consciously seen or noticed yet. Even if it seems improper to leave, it’s better to be secure than sorry.

Looking for seat tickets online if you anticipate vacationing to particular spot or appeal is a simple approach to get ready upfront. In addition, you may even be able to get the passes ahead of time. You may have to pay a small fee associated with purchasing seats on the internet nevertheless, time saved and guaranteed admission will certainly make it worth the expense. For popular destinations this also helps with working out details of your stay ahead of time.  This will help you move around easier and more quickly.

Young ladies vacationing by themselves might want to select a less expensive jewelry and accessories with them. If they are lost its not such a big deal, and when others see them they are not such an attractive lure for possible theft.  Putting a ring on your engagement finger will show that you are currently committed or in a relationship. This keeps potential suitors from increasing and provides an alibi for unwelcome focus in hotels, airport terminals and buses. Even though it might seem a little bit unethical, it might prevent you from hit on or giving you an easy excuse not to proceed with someone, when you are by yourself.

Create a easily transportable washing machine with a plastic-type material bag. Save money by omitting expensive coin-run washers and dryers whenever you’re traveling using the do-it-yourself bag.  Locate or pack a big and strong plastic material handbag, and include a little laundry washing soap and water. Set your outfits within the bag, and shake. Strain the soap and water and do this again with water that is clean, then suspend the garments to dry out.compass

Once you get your accommodation, before using any safes or wake up alarms check the setting and reset as needed.  In some instances, the last people who stayed there may have set up the codes or alarms, and you may not wish to use those settings. You may also want to double check all the door locks and sensors.

A prepared and well-equipped visitor is someone who has done their work before hand. Fun, and more worry free travel will be the end result.  All it takes is to do some advance planning with a touch of self-education. After you start finding out how to complete your journey intelligently, you will find a lot more entertainment and fulfillment.

Traveling is surely an superb opportunity to broaden your perspectives.  Unfortunately, you may regret traveling if you don’t take the time to get prepared for the unavoidable cultural shock. To get the most out of your vacation encounter, read on.


For those who have problems sleeping away from home, Bring your own pillow.  Some people struggle to sleep at night inside a bed that isn’t their own. Using your own pillow can make a amazingly big difference. It might imply the difference in between sleepless evenings and being effectively relaxed for another day full of pursuits.

In case you are traveling light and planning to clean laundry washing as you go, utilize your daily shower as an opportunity to wash your underwear and even your light-weight shirt. It takes only a few minutes and it stops you building up a stack of laundry that must all be cleaned at one time.

If you are traveling with a friend talk with them about all your resources, consider using a joint wallet, for bills like foods, travel and lodging. Your companion could add the equivalent amount of funds to the joint finances each day. By doing this, you aren’t continually splitting bills or changing cash.

Do not take along too much on your vacation. If you carry less, the chances are lower that you will be robbed or possibly losing them. Definitely limit the number of shoes you take.

Try not to take too much with you from home.  Restrict yourself to the toiletries that happen to be important for your ease and comfort, the ones that you definitely require. Pack what is most significant.

If you are traveling in foreign countries and have allergic reactions, be sure to understand what those items are called in the countries vocabulary.  One other good strategy is to make sure you determine before hand what you should or shouldn’t consume. Stay away from food items that you might be hypersensitive to or foods you may struggle to digest.

If you have an issue choosing a spot to travel to then create a list. Create a list from the best locations you would like to check out where they are located. From that list you can determine how much it extra it might cost to go to the additional places, this may help narrow your selection in travel destinations you visit.

Make sure you have reservations. It may be obvious, but there have been many cases when reservations were not obtained and left individuals and families without a place to stay. To stop this from happening, check with your hotel a number of times before arrival to be sure that your reservation remains.

To assist you in reducing your luggage, use trial size makeup products and toiletries when you load. In the event you don’t need to have a full-sized container of hair shampoo, there is absolutely no cause to hold it throughout the country. Most pharmacies use a travel area where you can acquire traveling-size hair shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, tooth paste and more.

If you are intending to go to a foreign country or multiple countries make sure you have your passport. This may take some time so it is advisable to apply with ample time beforehand. You may need to respond to questions, bring in any legal documents you may need to demonstrate what you are doing.

Regardless of where you vacation, weather watching is key. Take time when organizing your journey to examine the standard weather conditions for that time you happen to be visiting. Understanding this lets you prepare appropriately. Checking continuously will assist you to change your itinerary if needed.

Try to find out about as much as possible about the destination so you don’t have to worry about preconceptions and there potential issues.  Armed with a bit of extra information, you will have far less bumps on the trip.  Enjoy yourself.

Access Your Potential

There is a book that was published some time ago, “If life is a bowl of cherries, why am I always in the pits?”  This often sums up, many people’s feelings.  What’s the answer?  It’s our self-talk, the banter that goes on inside our heads every minute of every day.
You see from a very early age we’re taught to be mindful, watch where we go, watch what we’re doing, how we’re doing it?  Early on in our lives, we learn two of the most powerful words there are in language for us, “Don’t and No”.  noFor many people these are the first words they actually learn to understand, say and recognize.  Of course these are taught by our parents and mentors to help to protect us from things happening.  Unfortunately, by learning these words at such an impressionable time in our lives we also learn to incorporate them into our self-talk, without even realizing we’re doing it.

As human beings we are capable of doing so much,  much more then we ever think is possible.  I am passionate believer in that.  Each and every one of us is a mine of unrealized potential.  We miss opportunities to harvest most of that potential every day.  Opportunities happen all around us, all the time.  We need to learn to recognize them and we to learn how to take advantage of those opportunities and access that potential within us.

Opportunities permit us to step beyond what’s been done before, they provide us the chance to challenge the status quo, to look at old things in a new way.  Most of us have heard the saying, ‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade’.  What we’re talking about is taking what you think are problems, and turning them into something new and exciting.

So how do we access that potential.  The principles behind what it takes to access that potential are the same no matter what career or industry you are in.  We can apply them just as easily to our home life or anything else that we want to accomplish.  It isn’t easy, and it doesn’t happen overnight.  In order to have the impact that I’m speaking of we need to look deep into ourselves and ask the person we find there if they actually want to change?  Because without a commitment to change, it won’t happen.
Basically, we need to get past what holds us back.  I’m not speaking of the human limitations we may have, I’m speaking of the only true limitation that we all have.  “Ourselves”  If we can do that we are well on our way.

We ignore or give away more than half the opportunities in our lives, and most of our true potential lies at the beginning of those opportunities.  “Every Day Of Our Lives”.  When we see, hear or think about anything our first reaction often is “That’s great, but I could never do that”, or possibly we say “I could try that”, but then we never follow through.  Then there’s the big one, the one where we actually start something and only aim at the middle.  They aim at mediocrity, and they hit it.  “Why?”

It’s our fears, we all have fears.  But in general there are only three that hold us back:
1) the fear of failure,
2) the fear of rejection,
3) the fear of success.

Read the next chapter and find out more about realizing our potential.  Problems and Opportunities

Freedom is an Illusion

Freedom is an illusion propagated by the ego’s of others. In life we get trapped in  illusions, beliefs, desires, attachments, obsessions and addictions each of which is our own ego trying to assert control. desire-defnThe trappings of our life become the idols we serve and to which we submit. Once we become their captives, it is very difficult to return to the essence of bestowal provided for us upon our entrance to this world.

Our essence is not our own, it is but a part of the greater whole, our piece was provided so we may find our way back.  The path of which is guided by the light, it lies before us whether acknowledged or not.  With free will we are provided the ability to see, understand, and make some choices, though not for our sake but for the sake of the world.  We travel through life on a path guided by our essence and directed by the light.

When we come to this world we are rich with the light and love, but we become poor as we embrace our ego’s fantasies and illusions which squeezes the light and love to a single point within our hearts, point-heartbut it does not abandon us.  In spite of all, the point remains, reminding us of that which is to come.  When the path again directs our point in the heart searches and reaches out for others to join with and grow.  Our only responsibility is to listen, and follow.

All along the way darkness counsels fear, fear of the unknown an unseen.  We are pushed by our ego’s, the negative traits and tendencies of our humanity.  But there is nothing to fear, for everything is known and laid clear in the light.  As we embrace the light the darkness disappears and makes way for our redemption, as we come to realize that redemption is possible our bond with the light increases and darkness is further pushed aside.

Thus our consciousness is redeemed, it cannot be different for we come into the light but cannot recognize it without having experienced the dark.  Once revealed we are able to find and travel the path we must take.


Thank You For Being A Friend

Thank you for being a friend, traveled down the road and back again
Your heart is true, you’re a pal and a confidant
friendsI’m not ashamed to say, I hope it always will stay this way
My hat is off won’t you stand up and take a bow

And if you threw a party, invited everyone you knew
Well you would see the biggest gift would be from me
And the card attached would say

Thank you for being a friend

If it’s a car you lack, I’d surely buy you a Cadillac
Whatever you need any time of the day and night
I’m not ashamed to say, I hope it always will stay this way
My hat is off, won’t you stand up and take a bow

And when we both get older
With walking canes and hair of gray
Have no fear even though it’s hard to hear
I will stand real close and say

Thank you for being a friend

Let me tell about a friend
Thank you for being a friend

And when we die and float awaykarma
Into the night, the Milky Way
You’ll hear me call as we ascend
I’ll say your name, then once again
Thank you for being a

Thank you for being a
Thank you for being a friend

People let me tell about a friend
Thank you for being a friend

Tell about a friend
Thank you for being a friend

- Andrew Gold -


Connectionz Do Help
Your friend gets your joke. Your family member listens to how your day went, a co-worker helps you to finish something on time, you give your better half give you a big hug. They are all helping you bust stress and boost you well-being.  Humans are social: We crave the feeling of being  supported, valued and connected.big smile
Benefits of social connection:
•    Increased happiness.
•    Better health.
•    A longer life.
Connectionz can take many forms, from intense talks, to helping someone accomplish something or maybe its just telling a good joke.

Creating Connectionz
A Connection happens when:
•    you give or get help, such as having a neighbor house sit for you
•    you give or get emotional support, someone tells you, “I’m really sorry for your loss”
•    someone helps to alter your perspective, reminding someone that ‘This to shall pass’
•    getting or receiving advice, or suggestionz
•    you people learn they are not the only one who like, or does something
•    you know you can rely on someone, to do what they say.

love birds


Every One Needs Support!
Family or friends….who:
•    you feel comfortable to be with
•    give you a sense you could tell them anything
•    help you solve situations or problems
•    make you feel valued
•    take your concerns seriously


Making Friends
If you feel your you don’t have enough connectionz or support. Consider these suggestions:
•    Enroll in a learning adventure (night school or other course).
•    Join a club or group.
•    Volunteer
•    Reach out by attending any events in your area.

Based on information from “ and © Mental Health America”

Learning to Unite

growLife is not a solo affair.  It’s a constant collaboration. At home, work, during our hobbies and social affairs.  We crave the company of others.  It can be one or it can be many but the feeling is the same, when others are around we feel more…  What?  Happy, at ease, comfortable, adventurous, the list goes on and on.  Those feelings are not just part of you and me they are a part of everything.

Life starts and goes on, from the moment we are born until the time we are no longer a part of this reality, we search for others.  We feel the need to surround ourselves with those who care about us and support us.  For the lucky ones, they find those others at an early time in their lives.  The not so lucky spend enormous amounts of time and energy looking for those who can provide to us what it is we need.

branchesThese feelings are not just within humans. They are built into the very fabric of our universe.  in all the vast distances of space, everything is looking for a connection to something else.  The sub-atomic level of our existence is made up of protons and electrons which bind themselves together thus creating a purpose for themselves in the creation of the elements.  Those elements then look to bind with others of there kind and with other elements to make up everything we feel, see and think is our life and world.  It’s a built in component of our entire existence.
Yet… those same feelings of wanting to be with others, live intricately alongside feelings of wanting to be special and different, the squeaky wheel, the standout.  The one others look to when they… feel the need to be with others.  How is it that we can have these opposing urges within us sometimes at the seemingly same time?  Electrons trying to pull others in while at the same time trying to push others away.  Life is certainly complex.

The intrinsic processes of wanting for ourselves (ego), and wanting for others (altruism) are fundamental to our well being.  They are the Yin and Yan of all life.  Ego is our drive forward our desire to have, to standout, to receive.  Altruism is bestowal of giving, our conscience if you will.  They are the fundamental laws of all existence.  When in balance they work flawlessly with each other, if no balance occurs we have interminable problems.  It matters not whether we are speaking on a emotional level or any other.  There reciprocal relationship is what makes everything what it is.

We cannot be islands unto ourselves, our networks, and groups, make the difference between success and failure. maintainThis is true whether you hope to succeed at a personal, business or spiritual level.  We must challenge ourselves get to know others, share your thoughts, feelings, appreciations your likes and dislikes.  It is only through these types of discourse can we fully learn to bestow on others what is they need.  Through that bestowal we will provide what society, nature and ourselves what is required.

Connectionz Are What Matterz!

In The Image Of…

In the Image of… God.  Does that mean we were meant to look like God? Or does it mean made to have the same abilities?  No, I believe it means that we were made to have a similar potential.  A potential to create or destroy, to be able to look at things and understand or figure out how they work or are made, the same capacity for love and empathy, and the same ability to help and connect with others.
Mankind is amongst the strangest of creatures on this planet, yes there are a number of amazing creatures sharing this world with us.  Strange looks or abilities. Some who have learned to use tools, others who have adapted themselves or their surroundings so they may live in and or accommodate our world.  But Man is the only one who has abilities that we have so often throughout history attributed to powers.  Even though, as we understand them now they were not powers, as ascribed to by earlier generations.  But as later generations explained, these were a person(s) abilities to look at a problem and understand the component parts of the problem and come up with a solution.  At the time that solution may have seemed fantastic or incomprehensible, but it was really just us using our intellect.

Mankind has shown their abilities over and over again.  How else are we able to appreciate and shape beautiful things, and be capable of so much good, yet be plagued with an apathy and a darkness which causes individual and mass ruination on scales inconceivable.   Are these abilities not a part of our creation, in the image of God.

In life, all things can be the same or similar.  If they are the same, there is no distinguishing them from one another.  If similar, they are said to be close in proximity and or abilities and potential.

If, as we are told, we were created in the Image of God, would it not make sense to be created similar.  Would a God want to merely have puppets on a string to dangle or dance around at a whim?  Or would a God want its creation to be exactly the same so there was no distinguishing one from another?  puppet

Would a God not understand all the myriad of problems ahead of there happening and want to create and imbue his creation with abilities similar to theirs, but different enough so as to create companions.  A creation that is able to grow and advance as its understanding and abilities grow?  Amongst all the abilities attributed to God is the ability to empathize and help others by some means.  To give of themselves so that others may flourish or prosper.

As mankind races into the future, the quickening of our lifestyle and the pace in which we live requires that we nurture our existing abilities, to understand, perceive, create, and help one another.  Living a meaningful life is not about the goods we have or the money we earn, It is about connecting with and helping others.





Connectionz are what Matterz!