Homeschooling Your Kids

How you homeschool your kids will be unique to you and your children. There is no “one-size-fits-all approach”. When you decide to take on this enormous task, you are entering “as if” a new world and you will require a tribe to help navigate through the uncharted territory and support your efforts. There are many professionals who are skilled in many areas to help you.

It takes more than just one or two people to raise a child; it takes a whole group of people and that’s why we are fortunate to have so many resources available to us via our connectivity resources and technologies through our devices online and which extend around the world. The gas-burning old yellow school bus needn’t run everyday in order to accomplish the task of many kinds of learning.

1. Keep a routine, but be flexible.

There are many ways, for instance, to learn basic arithmetic and language skills.

Portioning dough is division. Measuring the distance of a homemade running track or obstacle course gives a real world spatial sense of what the numbers mean. Planning a menu and executing it requires a lot of thought. It provides opportunities for all kinds of learning. Use your imagination.

2. Choose topics that interest your child. Choose the things that hold their attention for longer. Don’t force them. Be gentle and let them lead you to a certain extent. Their particular gifts will reveal themselves over time. Have fun!

3. Find online resources and use them. You don’t need to recreate the making of a wheel that’s already been made. Many educational websites are free to use.

4. Allow time for a break and make sure that if the style of learning that has taken place has been largely sedentary— that break should involve getting outside and getting fresh air.

5. Switch up the days. Too much of the “same-ole-same-ole” can be boring. A change is as good as a rest. Continually seek out new ways of doing things especially if the old ways don’t seem to be working.

6. Go easy on yourself. You don’t need to have six hours of structured schoolwork everyday.

7. Play games. Board games like Monopoly are good for counting. Scrabble is good for word building. Lots of opportunities out there.


Other Ideas:

Teach your child how to keep a journal and fill it with memorabilia.

Learn skipping songs.

Online dance or yoga classes.

Kitchen science experiments like baking soda mixed with vinegar.

Garden projects.

There are so many opportunities it’s impossible to list, but carpe diem! You can seize the day and make it great for learning!

Problems and Opportunities

Whether we like to admit it or not, our biggest problems are really not what we think they are.  Although most of us have difficulties or what we often view as problems at various times in our lives we don’t spend very much time thinking about why they occurred, or what if anything we might have done to stem its flow before it started.

For most people problems stem from 4 main areas:problems-3

1)  Someone or something else and we have now control whatsoever.
2)  We created pretty much the entire problem.
3)  Someone or something happened, but the problem was created by our reaction or lack there of.
4)  It’s not really a problem at all, but we’re reacting like it is (they are opportunities).

More than half of what we perceive as problems are rooted in what we perceive to be our own limitations (ourselves), and they could have been avoided by us.  By either thinking and planning out what we could or would do, or by changing our attitude and how we react.  Rarely are problems really problems.  More than half of what we perceive as problems are actually just misinterpreted opportunities.

In order to stop this from happening we have to change ourselves.  Before we can change anything we need to change our way of thinking, change the way our brain responds.  The most basic human cognitive function is to ask questions.  If we think about something, try to reason it out we are questioning ourselves.  We already do this all the time.  Is the light turning red or green, should I turn left or right, what did they say?

Start to pay attention to the questions that your brain is asking yourself on a daily basis, as you go through your day.  This is the self-talk, the self-questioning that is happening all the time.  Once we become aware of the questions we are asking ourselves, we can begin to take control of those questions and actually ask questions that mean something.  As we get better doing this we will begin asking great questions and we’ll begin to get great answers, if we’re don’t we won’t.

Once we are aware of the automatic questions we are asking ourselves, we can start to ask two questions that we’ve all heard, but paid very little attention to.  They are:

1) What if?what if i could
2) Why Not?

Just by asking ourselves these questions, we will begin to open up the possibilities they bring with them.

What if I Could?  What would that look like?
I know I can’t, but what if I could?  What would it look like?

We can start out asking these in a general way.  When a potential problem or  opportunity presents itself to you, even if it seems impossible, keep asking.  Try it now, think about something that you have already perceived as a problem.  What if I could _____________ (and fill in the blank).  Just say it to yourself.  What if I could _____________ (and fill in the blank).  Well, What If I Could Do That?  What would it look like?  I know I can’t, but what if I could?

By asking these questions of yourself, It doesn’t mean your going to do it.  But counter intuitively this is the actual power behind the questions, your’e not putting anything on the line, there is zero commitment on your part right now.  Anything is possible, but as soon as you ask the question your brain makes a fundamental change.  Instead of thinking of reasons to stop you from doing it, it starts thinking of reasons and ways that you can do it.  This is an extremely important point.

Compass Pointing the Way to Business OpportunityWe all have a challenge or three to deal with.  Don’t shy away from them.  Meet them head on with:  What if I could?  When you ask yourself this you start tying to come up with a creative way to get by the challenging moment.  What you come up with will be a unique product of your experience, and your experience only.  No one else could come up with the same solution.  The more you ask yourself those questions, the greater the chances are that the answer(s) to the opportunity will be something truly fantastic.

Read the previous chapter, Access Your Potential

Read the next chapter, “What If?” and we’ll talk more about opportunities around and inside of us.

Prepare To Travel

Occasionally the vicissitudes of recent journey will make you feel powerless. It is possible to manage your traveling experience by preparing before you leave and learning some simple tricks. beach-feetRead through this write-up to find tips for you to help make your vacation money stretch out further and attain your designed vacation spot with significantly less pressure on the way.

Well before departing on a trip, it is vital to be sure that all your paperwork is perfectly up to date and in order. This consists of recognition for example your driver’s certificate and passport, any essential immunization or health care records, and credit or lender credit cards. This way you will not encounter any problems when making acquisitions or on your trips regarding non-matching ID.

roosWhen deciding on a location to travel to, there is absolutely no better way to obtain information and facts then to speak with someone who has been there.  Other travelers who have or had similar needs and plans, will tell you what destinations are best and what locations try to stay away from. No guidebook can offer the very first-hand experience of another person or loved ones.

Pay attention to your intuition when traveling. Sometimes a certain retailer, person, or place will give you “poor vibes”, just leave. Your intuition could be informing you of something you haven’t consciously seen or noticed yet. Even if it seems improper to leave, it’s better to be secure than sorry.

Looking for seat tickets online if you anticipate vacationing to particular spot or appeal is a simple approach to get ready upfront. In addition, you may even be able to get the passes ahead of time. You may have to pay a small fee associated with purchasing seats on the internet nevertheless, time saved and guaranteed admission will certainly make it worth the expense. For popular destinations this also helps with working out details of your stay ahead of time.  This will help you move around easier and more quickly.

Young ladies vacationing by themselves might want to select a less expensive jewelry and accessories with them. If they are lost its not such a big deal, and when others see them they are not such an attractive lure for possible theft.  Putting a ring on your engagement finger will show that you are currently committed or in a relationship. This keeps potential suitors from increasing and provides an alibi for unwelcome focus in hotels, airport terminals and buses. Even though it might seem a little bit unethical, it might prevent you from hit on or giving you an easy excuse not to proceed with someone, when you are by yourself.

Create a easily transportable washing machine with a plastic-type material bag. Save money by omitting expensive coin-run washers and dryers whenever you’re traveling using the do-it-yourself bag.  Locate or pack a big and strong plastic material handbag, and include a little laundry washing soap and water. Set your outfits within the bag, and shake. Strain the soap and water and do this again with water that is clean, then suspend the garments to dry out.compass

Once you get your accommodation, before using any safes or wake up alarms check the setting and reset as needed.  In some instances, the last people who stayed there may have set up the codes or alarms, and you may not wish to use those settings. You may also want to double check all the door locks and sensors.

A prepared and well-equipped visitor is someone who has done their work before hand. Fun, and more worry free travel will be the end result.  All it takes is to do some advance planning with a touch of self-education. After you start finding out how to complete your journey intelligently, you will find a lot more entertainment and fulfillment.

Traveling is surely an superb opportunity to broaden your perspectives.  Unfortunately, you may regret traveling if you don’t take the time to get prepared for the unavoidable cultural shock. To get the most out of your vacation encounter, read on.


For those who have problems sleeping away from home, Bring your own pillow.  Some people struggle to sleep at night inside a bed that isn’t their own. Using your own pillow can make a amazingly big difference. It might imply the difference in between sleepless evenings and being effectively relaxed for another day full of pursuits.

In case you are traveling light and planning to clean laundry washing as you go, utilize your daily shower as an opportunity to wash your underwear and even your light-weight shirt. It takes only a few minutes and it stops you building up a stack of laundry that must all be cleaned at one time.

If you are traveling with a friend talk with them about all your resources, consider using a joint wallet, for bills like foods, travel and lodging. Your companion could add the equivalent amount of funds to the joint finances each day. By doing this, you aren’t continually splitting bills or changing cash.

Do not take along too much on your vacation. If you carry less, the chances are lower that you will be robbed or possibly losing them. Definitely limit the number of shoes you take.

Try not to take too much with you from home.  Restrict yourself to the toiletries that happen to be important for your ease and comfort, the ones that you definitely require. Pack what is most significant.

If you are traveling in foreign countries and have allergic reactions, be sure to understand what those items are called in the countries vocabulary.  One other good strategy is to make sure you determine before hand what you should or shouldn’t consume. Stay away from food items that you might be hypersensitive to or foods you may struggle to digest.

If you have an issue choosing a spot to travel to then create a list. Create a list from the best locations you would like to check out where they are located. From that list you can determine how much it extra it might cost to go to the additional places, this may help narrow your selection in travel destinations you visit.

Make sure you have reservations. It may be obvious, but there have been many cases when reservations were not obtained and left individuals and families without a place to stay. To stop this from happening, check with your hotel a number of times before arrival to be sure that your reservation remains.

To assist you in reducing your luggage, use trial size makeup products and toiletries when you load. In the event you don’t need to have a full-sized container of hair shampoo, there is absolutely no cause to hold it throughout the country. Most pharmacies use a travel area where you can acquire traveling-size hair shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, tooth paste and more.

If you are intending to go to a foreign country or multiple countries make sure you have your passport. This may take some time so it is advisable to apply with ample time beforehand. You may need to respond to questions, bring in any legal documents you may need to demonstrate what you are doing.

Regardless of where you vacation, weather watching is key. Take time when organizing your journey to examine the standard weather conditions for that time you happen to be visiting. Understanding this lets you prepare appropriately. Checking continuously will assist you to change your itinerary if needed.

Try to find out about as much as possible about the destination so you don’t have to worry about preconceptions and there potential issues.  Armed with a bit of extra information, you will have far less bumps on the trip.  Enjoy yourself.

Fundamental Factors For quotes on life

Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and will also change your life. The world is round as well as the place which can seem like the end may also function as the beginning. Whenever you will find yourself with a dilemma, imagine Helen Keller and how your experience is meant to show you in to a better person. “The past is just not dead, it really is living in us, and may be alive inside the future which we are now helping to make. He started franchising his restaurants when he was sixty-five and at 75, sold them for $15 million.
“If you do not love what you need to do, you won’t get it done with much conviction or passion. For example, when mountaineering, peak bagging is often used like a motivation to keep reaching new summits. – “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” This movie quote is produced by a perennial favorite, “The Wizard of Oz”. Stretch yourself to reach for the stars and find out yourself for your final destination. If you’re lonely, meet your future spouse by smiling.

Those social workers who are already quoted saying things such because the statements above lived as much as what they said each and every single day. ~Katerina Stoykova Klemer; I think it is a common occurance as they mature. Every time he was within the car, he was in the market to prove to everyone, he was the following World Champion. the parrot appeared arrived when he slept, a bird ‘taller than Jesus, yellow being a sunflower’, a warrior angel who blinded the nuns having its beak, fed upon their eyes, slaughtered them since they ‘pleaded for mercy’, then so gently lifted him, enfolded him, winged him away to ‘paradise’.End it quickly and sharply and after that end all contact.
‘You move totally faraway from reality when you feel that there is often a legitimate reason to suffer. “My attitude has long been, “Hey, would not it be funny if, if the makes me laugh, maybe somebody else will laugh at it, too. I suppose if your monster brings a present, Victor might allow him to in. It’s Bella’s birthday and she or he has received a camera as a gift. Life seems totally different, exciting and worthwhile.

I recommended you read quotes about happiness, funny quotes, and quotes by famous people as often as possible, as they will add inspiration to your life and allow you to try and look on the positive side of things. Everything will depend on your approach and manner through which things are processed. “If you are extremely busy to pray, you are too busy” –Anonymous. Mary, can I just say how bloomin’ marvellous these words of yours are. It’s like people get concered about ulterior motives when we even say ‘good morning’.