When we take the path of awareness, we see every situation that we find ourselves in, as beneficial for our development.

We affect one another with our thoughts, qualities, and feelings. Everything is passed from one person to another.

Change for the better depends on us being able to transfer our focus from “me” to “we”.

It is vital that we learn how to connect and cooperate.

Biophillia Hypothesis

forestNothing is more usual or natural in these times than for people to seemingly discover new links to the world of nature.  The emerging hypothesis of “Biophilia” introduced in 1984, is gaining ground and proponents such as the “David Suzuki Foundation”.  The study initially popularized by Edward O. Wilson in his book Biophilia, suggests that there is an instinctive bond human beings and other living systems.

- philias (def.) “specify an attraction or affinity to things”.
    – biophilia (def.) “the urge to affiliate with other forms of life”.
    - “biophilia” literally means ” love of life or living systems”.

The hypothesis goes on to suggest that the connections humans feel towards nature and other forms of life are found and rooted deep within our cellular memory and so form part of our basic physiology.  The term “philia” was first used by Erich Fromm and was used to describe psychological orientation, when a person is attracted those things that are alive and vital.

Due to its strong emphasis on and with nature, the term “biophilia” is gaining ground as the term that is synonymous a persons feelings and impressions of nature.  
There has long been an acceptance of the beneficial link between animals and humans, the relationship has often been used with the young and old to stimulate and activate the nurturing abilities within them.  Biological evolution has been used to explain people’s preferences for things that are natural.


Although little is known about the effects that experience and culture have had on these preferences, it is clear that these feelings are in most humans, as witnessed by the large numbers of individuals and families that prefer to spend there free time at beaches, in parks and nature preserves, and even aquariums and zoo’s.

Marketing engineers and experts have also known of, and used the feelings people have towards nature, by developing items which look similar too natural items, or are specifically made to be used in natural environments.  The preferences that people have shown for them have even carried the popularity over into the virtual world.

At its simplest, it can bee shown by the effect that baby animals have on adults, especially humans.  It is thought that the large eyes and small features have an instinctive appeal which increases the survival rates of young animals.

shelters_PreSharpen_1A look into the homes of many humans would easily show the affinity we have for animals and plants, with many having pets and a number of plants.  Our natural affinity for them helps to ensure their continued survival.  Connectionz Are What Matterz.



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Meeting and Sharing Exposed

No one in this world can live on their own for a lοng time period of time without feeling the pangs of loneliness. Each passing day gets heavier and heavier on us when we don’t have a partner to ѕhare their feelings. Someone who can open their heart and live their life with them. Most of us have family members, and each member of a family has their own role in үour life. However, there are lot of wishes and feelings in a human which can’t be fulfilled by a member of your family. We need to select a companion, to develop a bonding. This is the reason pеople are frequently signing up and subscribing to social media sites.


As individuals we generally avoid using statements lіke “I’m lonely” these statements imply that you are not comfortable with your personal sеlf.   We often cover up true feelings with funny, open ended comments, sometimes even self-deprecating comments about what’s on our mind.  These type of thoughts often fetch a lot of interest from the opposite sex!  So with these statements allow us to move on to the next step in a discussion!

If we are to use Social Media we need to make sure we have the equipment that will be necessary microphones, video cameras, appropriate software, aside from those items nothing else is really required. These types of connections are one of the easiest methods, but often lack the speed and choices of being live.

So you now have a couple of ideaѕ to get you started with meeting someone, and beginning the courting game.  When you are yourself, others will often see you as unique and іnterestіng, this is often the reason they want to talk and meet with you.

Access Your Potential

There is a book that was published some time ago, “If life is a bowl of cherries, why am I always in the pits?”  This often sums up, many people’s feelings.  What’s the answer?  It’s our self-talk, the banter that goes on inside our heads every minute of every day.
You see from a very early age we’re taught to be mindful, watch where we go, watch what we’re doing, how we’re doing it?  Early on in our lives, we learn two of the most powerful words there are in language for us, “Don’t and No”.  noFor many people these are the first words they actually learn to understand, say and recognize.  Of course these are taught by our parents and mentors to help to protect us from things happening.  Unfortunately, by learning these words at such an impressionable time in our lives we also learn to incorporate them into our self-talk, without even realizing we’re doing it.

As human beings we are capable of doing so much,  much more then we ever think is possible.  I am passionate believer in that.  Each and every one of us is a mine of unrealized potential.  We miss opportunities to harvest most of that potential every day.  Opportunities happen all around us, all the time.  We need to learn to recognize them and we to learn how to take advantage of those opportunities and access that potential within us.

Opportunities permit us to step beyond what’s been done before, they provide us the chance to challenge the status quo, to look at old things in a new way.  Most of us have heard the saying, ‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade’.  What we’re talking about is taking what you think are problems, and turning them into something new and exciting.

So how do we access that potential.  The principles behind what it takes to access that potential are the same no matter what career or industry you are in.  We can apply them just as easily to our home life or anything else that we want to accomplish.  It isn’t easy, and it doesn’t happen overnight.  In order to have the impact that I’m speaking of we need to look deep into ourselves and ask the person we find there if they actually want to change?  Because without a commitment to change, it won’t happen.
Basically, we need to get past what holds us back.  I’m not speaking of the human limitations we may have, I’m speaking of the only true limitation that we all have.  “Ourselves”  If we can do that we are well on our way.

We ignore or give away more than half the opportunities in our lives, and most of our true potential lies at the beginning of those opportunities.  “Every Day Of Our Lives”.  When we see, hear or think about anything our first reaction often is “That’s great, but I could never do that”, or possibly we say “I could try that”, but then we never follow through.  Then there’s the big one, the one where we actually start something and only aim at the middle.  They aim at mediocrity, and they hit it.  “Why?”

It’s our fears, we all have fears.  But in general there are only three that hold us back:
1) the fear of failure,
2) the fear of rejection,
3) the fear of success.

Read the next chapter and find out more about realizing our potential.  Problems and Opportunities