People are People

Regardless of who you are, where you’re from or what you do for a living, people are people and we all want the same basic things. Of course there are physiological differences but putting those aside, we are left with a number of attributes that are prevalent the world over. 

ideas-sWhy otherwise would advertising work so well? It’s well known in marketing circles that if you appeal to certain aspects of human psychology it is far easier to persuade people to your point of view.

I can tell you based on over 25 years of sales experience, this is fundamentally true. Another truth is that our relationships run us. We react and do things based on the people we’re constantly with or want to be with. Cultivation of personal relationships is then what it’s all about.

“You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” - Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People

Relationships run the world. The most successful can meet almost anyone and build an almost instantaneous relationship. While the rest of us have a difficult time with it, even when we would like to do better. Why is that? A thorough look at anyone who is good at creating relationships will reveal some interesting characteristics, the likes of which can help us all.

A connection is a two way street, it starts as a one way approach, which develops and builds from there. To connect ‘we have to want to give or do for another person’ with ‘no thought for what we may get out of it’. What can I do you? How can I help you? Whenever we meet someone these are the type of thoughts we must keep in mind. If we do, a connection will be close at hand.

reach-sA kind word, a helping hand, along with kind and helping thoughts; these will always work during an approach, from there if we continue to keep the other person in mind with the same kind of thoughts and desires, a connection will just get stronger and stronger. That doesn’t mean everyone will become your friend or that the relationship will grow and expand. It does mean the onus is on each one of us to keep others in mind first and foremost, it doesn’t matter what situation you’re talking about.

For many people this will be quite difficult at first especially those who may have never been nurtured that way, but it gets easier as more effort and frequency is put into it. By keeping others in mind first we slowly become more ‘altruistic’, our EGO (that part of us that is always saying what’s in it for me) decreases and the number of true relationships will increase. You gradually change from a ME first person, to a YOU first person.

Others will begin to look at you as a desirable person to be around, as you become more consistent in your thoughts and deeds and as you treat others as if they are real and important. The more you strive to learn about and be there for others even in simple ways the more memorable person you will become to others.

upwardAs a result your own happiness will also increase, because when we’re with others, we feel more positive, which leads to greater happiness. When we’re happier, we make more connectionz and have better relationships, which in turn makes us more positive and on and on in an “upward spiral”.

Connectionz Are What Matterz !


Connectionz Do Help
Your friend gets your joke. Your family member listens to how your day went, a co-worker helps you to finish something on time, you give your better half give you a big hug. They are all helping you bust stress and boost you well-being.  Humans are social: We crave the feeling of being  supported, valued and connected.big smile
Benefits of social connection:
•    Increased happiness.
•    Better health.
•    A longer life.
Connectionz can take many forms, from intense talks, to helping someone accomplish something or maybe its just telling a good joke.

Creating Connectionz
A Connection happens when:
•    you give or get help, such as having a neighbor house sit for you
•    you give or get emotional support, someone tells you, “I’m really sorry for your loss”
•    someone helps to alter your perspective, reminding someone that ‘This to shall pass’
•    getting or receiving advice, or suggestionz
•    you people learn they are not the only one who like, or does something
•    you know you can rely on someone, to do what they say.

love birds


Every One Needs Support!
Family or friends….who:
•    you feel comfortable to be with
•    give you a sense you could tell them anything
•    help you solve situations or problems
•    make you feel valued
•    take your concerns seriously


Making Friends
If you feel your you don’t have enough connectionz or support. Consider these suggestions:
•    Enroll in a learning adventure (night school or other course).
•    Join a club or group.
•    Volunteer
•    Reach out by attending any events in your area.

Based on information from “ and © Mental Health America”