If You Want To Go Fast..

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

The source of the proverb isn’t certain, but its truth is as old as what it means to be human. Long ago, people relied on their tribes to survive. They relied in real physical ways. There was no way that they could say, “Let’s practice physical distancing.” If they had, they would have died from the reality that life at a distance is no life at all. People require touch. Not the kind of “manufactured touch” that often comes from apparently “trained” professionals.

My grandmother could give a foot massage that I had never received after paying $60 an hour from a professional. I’m sure there are good professionals out there, but I did not encounter one. I did volunteer hand and foot massage in the hospital years ago, and the nurses used to joke, “Oh, you need to do me next!” But I know it was no joke. People need this. The people I had looked after had really appreciated it, and I feel that it helps open the energy channels in the body. And most important, it feels good!

Right now, nature might be teaching us that our “connections” were broken before and that old apparently “normal” was nothing normal at all. People putting money and status before the truly important things in life. Rushing around without any kind of presence of mind. Living to eat instead of eating to live.

connect tree.jpgThe range of troubles that come from lack of connection are coming to their head and I’m sure we all are aware that change needs to happen and it needs to happen now. We are out of time. Individually and collectively, once we get this virus under control, it will not be enough to make permanent change. There will be another and another unless we fix our mental state, which leads to physical ill health as well.

It is believed now that although we don’t “see” the connection in the space between us, it exists and we have an influence on each other even if we don’t know each other. Anyone who knows the phenomenon of quantum entanglement and quantum particles reacting at a distance to one another could understand how this might work between us. See YouTube for many videos for a description of the experiment. Here is one link:


If you have young children, you know how difficult it is to orchestrate a trip out. Everyone needs to be washed and fed. Provisions need to be packed for everyone. A plan needs to be in place for needed bathroom and rest breaks. The children need to know where they are going and why. One child might love to read. Another might love to solve puzzles. Another might want to write or observe.

The different desires and needs of everyone needs to be taken into account for a happy and successful outing. And people need to be able to share their experience in a meaningful way with others who will truly listen and care about what they have to say, understanding that what they have to say, is worthy. And this, too, takes time and strategy because a sharing of time and resources and mental and physical stamina must exist along with true mutual responsibility. Not mere lip service or some form of plastic toy that is played with and thrown away very quickly in favour of something else apparently more bright and shiny.

At this time, when people are re-shaping the world, we can take the time to make critical decisions that involve everyone around us in our sphere.connect3.png

We have the opportunity to think ahead and decide to walk through this, planning ahead as best as we can and taking action so that our “trip” together is as easy and fun for everyone involved.

If someone rushes you, tell them to go look at a flower and see that it is in no rush to grow. Tomorrow will come or it won’t. Today is a gift. That’s why they call it a present.

Connectionz Don’t Have To Be Complicated.

They don’t have to be, yet we often make them so. Our actual needs are simple, yet day to day happenings seem to drive us to always want more, even though more often equates to less in the ways that are really important. Life becomes an autonomic event where we do things, but never really pay attention to what we’re doing.

Children want to learn, and will do almost anything if someone is willing to do it with them. Teens want to know that they are seen and heard. Adults want to know that what they do counts for something.


What better way to demonstrate our ‘Connectionz’ with others than simply by being with them in a casual, easygoing way, you know simple, old-fashioned togetherness. If we try to see the ordinary as extraordinary, when talking with someone and not worrying about who’s right or wrong just being in the moment with them.

Staying awake to what matters most in anothers life. Loving and being loved. Embrace family. Restore people’s faith in humanity. Remember to give your whole heart and your whole mind to those we are with — before it all disappears, whoosh!

For you to give this to another person to make this kind of impact in a lifetime is a special gift, but it takes practice. Some people never, ever grasp this concept. Let this not be your fate. Let this not be the fate of those around and close to you. Let it not be the fate of anyone.

Grab those around you – big or small – look into their faces, show them your eyes, let them see that you care. Give what you can everyday and in every way and you will find that your capacity for that giving grows as you do so. When you give all you are able, you will not regret it. Your only regret may be that you held back, that you didn’t or were unable to have done more.

Team Work

I want to ask my village of friends all around the world, to share with us their favorite ordinary moments… the times when you overjoyed just to do for others… the times when the only thing that really mattered was the connection, your words will be inspirational and wise beyond comprehension.

It’s not about traveling to someplace, about spending huge sums of money or throwing amazing parties. But about the simple things: The best moments are when 
we’re together because the simple things are powerful. Those moments are what make make for the best memories. The ones that we can think about often, those that lift us up.

Please blog with us.

Freedom is an Illusion

Freedom is an illusion propagated by the ego’s of others. In life we get trapped in  illusions, beliefs, desires, attachments, obsessions and addictions each of which is our own ego trying to assert control. desire-defnThe trappings of our life become the idols we serve and to which we submit. Once we become their captives, it is very difficult to return to the essence of bestowal provided for us upon our entrance to this world.

Our essence is not our own, it is but a part of the greater whole, our piece was provided so we may find our way back.  The path of which is guided by the light, it lies before us whether acknowledged or not.  With free will we are provided the ability to see, understand, and make some choices, though not for our sake but for the sake of the world.  We travel through life on a path guided by our essence and directed by the light.

When we come to this world we are rich with the light and love, but we become poor as we embrace our ego’s fantasies and illusions which squeezes the light and love to a single point within our hearts, point-heartbut it does not abandon us.  In spite of all, the point remains, reminding us of that which is to come.  When the path again directs our point in the heart searches and reaches out for others to join with and grow.  Our only responsibility is to listen, and follow.

All along the way darkness counsels fear, fear of the unknown an unseen.  We are pushed by our ego’s, the negative traits and tendencies of our humanity.  But there is nothing to fear, for everything is known and laid clear in the light.  As we embrace the light the darkness disappears and makes way for our redemption, as we come to realize that redemption is possible our bond with the light increases and darkness is further pushed aside.

Thus our consciousness is redeemed, it cannot be different for we come into the light but cannot recognize it without having experienced the dark.  Once revealed we are able to find and travel the path we must take.


In The Image Of…

In the Image of… God.  Does that mean we were meant to look like God? Or does it mean made to have the same abilities?  No, I believe it means that we were made to have a similar potential.  A potential to create or destroy, to be able to look at things and understand or figure out how they work or are made, the same capacity for love and empathy, and the same ability to help and connect with others.
Mankind is amongst the strangest of creatures on this planet, yes there are a number of amazing creatures sharing this world with us.  Strange looks or abilities. Some who have learned to use tools, others who have adapted themselves or their surroundings so they may live in and or accommodate our world.  But Man is the only one who has abilities that we have so often throughout history attributed to powers.  Even though, as we understand them now they were not powers, as ascribed to by earlier generations.  But as later generations explained, these were a person(s) abilities to look at a problem and understand the component parts of the problem and come up with a solution.  At the time that solution may have seemed fantastic or incomprehensible, but it was really just us using our intellect.

Mankind has shown their abilities over and over again.  How else are we able to appreciate and shape beautiful things, and be capable of so much good, yet be plagued with an apathy and a darkness which causes individual and mass ruination on scales inconceivable.   Are these abilities not a part of our creation, in the image of God.

In life, all things can be the same or similar.  If they are the same, there is no distinguishing them from one another.  If similar, they are said to be close in proximity and or abilities and potential.

If, as we are told, we were created in the Image of God, would it not make sense to be created similar.  Would a God want to merely have puppets on a string to dangle or dance around at a whim?  Or would a God want its creation to be exactly the same so there was no distinguishing one from another?  puppet

Would a God not understand all the myriad of problems ahead of there happening and want to create and imbue his creation with abilities similar to theirs, but different enough so as to create companions.  A creation that is able to grow and advance as its understanding and abilities grow?  Amongst all the abilities attributed to God is the ability to empathize and help others by some means.  To give of themselves so that others may flourish or prosper.

As mankind races into the future, the quickening of our lifestyle and the pace in which we live requires that we nurture our existing abilities, to understand, perceive, create, and help one another.  Living a meaningful life is not about the goods we have or the money we earn, It is about connecting with and helping others.





Connectionz are what Matterz!

We Wish You…

We wish you Laughter, the kind that stays in your heart…
We wish you Joy, the kind that feels like a fountain within…
We wish you Sunshine, to smile on your face, & make the world a lovely place…

We wish you Friendships, tried and true, old and new…
We wish you Peace, through all your days…
We wish you Adventures, something new to do and new to you…

We wish you Love, the kind that loving people love to find…
We wish you Memories, joys of the past that seem to last…
We wish you Happiness, a sense of well being special to you not just today but all your days through…