Experimental Love Pancakes

can YOU do it? yes U CAN!

The word around here has been “present”. What does it mean? It means something like this:

Living and loving the moment. I think it also means: being like a child. … You know? …

Where you just do stuff because you’re excited and passionate. You don’t need a reason.

…such is my story of Love Pancakes…

Kay. You know you wind up coming in contact with these big zucchinis? Some one gave you a big bag full? No? Well, if you’re not so lucky, just imagine…zucchini

You’re living your life. La-la-la… everything is pretty ordinary and yeah, you have hopes ad dreams, but you have to pay the bills; so, so. So-so. You know? You forget about your dreams. But then…

But then someone comes along with this great fantastic wonderful amazing heartfelt gift!!!! (Truth is they haven’t a clue what to do with the gift and so they give it to you. (((((So what. GO WITH THE HEARTFELT!!! THEY WERE TRYING!!!!!)))) ….

So anyways, the heartfelt gift as per above was and were these amazing GIANT ZUCCHINIS!!!

What to do?

I’ll tell you what to do! MAKE ZUCCHINI PANCAKES!!!  pancakesAnd NEVER EVER LOOK BACK ON YOUR DECISION. It won’t turn you into a Cliphosh or a Mandrake or anything. I promise.


Git yurself sum sourdoh sterter. it need be done easy like. Just take a cup rye flour and a cup water (more er less to a thicky type paste) Stir it up like you know. Cover but let breath a little every so often. Give it a wish and a dream if you know what I mean. In a few days after sum stirrin’, it should be a bubblin’ and smell kindu lika well, have fermentin’ like. …

Ok.. You can also do sumin better scientific like searches for starters, but me point is: it’s not so hard as they make it.

BUT!  If you have such a critter as a STARTER on your shelf. Take a portion (no exact amount just steal from it) and add it to these pancakes:

4 cups Barley Flour
4 Tbsp sugar or honey or whatever suits your fancy
4 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
2 eggs plus enough milk to 4 cups of liquid (using powdered milk is more economical– that or even frozen plain yogurt that you got on sale and froze and then added water to the concoction. You get the idea. Just make do with what you have. Got no milk? Oh well. Do without.

Kay where em I? … Oh yeah…
These are spozed ta be’in Zuchs Paneekakes right?
Well allz ya gotta do is have yer fancy kitchen prep person have chopped sum a yer zucchini fer ya and cooked it a little so it’s already a bit soft.

Ifn ya drop yer zucchini into yer batter and stir it and it’s nice and thick, then flibber me gibber ya got yerself a pancake dough. If the dough seems runny when ya do yer first cakes, then just add sum’mer barley flour to yer mix.

Oh and fry these on a nice hot griddle, but use whatever fat ya have saved. Be frugal with ya fats. Theyz a good thing really. Contrary like what theyz say in the public media king thing. Cause ya know theyz only feedin peeple with the white deminerlized flour and such and ya know the path where that leads. Ooh I hate ta even magine. Let me live on real stuff folks. Let it be for me kids and grandkids.

God done bless ya all already. But let ‘im do it a second and third time everlasting fer me.

(In seriousness… just add your starter to your pancake dough. Add whatever you want to add– be it zucchinis, apples… or even if you’re wanting to do savory pancakes and forget sugars so much and do onions mushrooms… the point is that your dough be really nice and thick and just feel really free to have fun and experiment. It’s a pancake for cryin’ out loud. It’ll forgive you.” :) :) :)


Hailee Vale

Listen – Understand – Reply

Listen – Understand – Reply

To understand someone we have to listen…

“Holy listening – is to listen to another’s soul in life, a condition of disclosure and discovery, may be almost the greatest service that any human being ever performs for another.” ~ Douglas Steere look2

I’m an English speaking person, I know a some words in many languages, none really enough to carry on a full conversation. So when I’ve traveled to non-English countries I’ve found that I must listen to every word that was being spoken to me. I had to watch for non-verbal clues, arm movements, body and sign language even the voice tone and volume level, to capture some part of the meaning or intent of what was being said to me. Traveling really did give me some unforgettable lessons.

Although we may not always know exactly what it is, every person has a reason for what they’re trying to say. Sometimes impatience or distractedness on our part causes us to drift. Often I think it’s just that we are, human beasts… so consumed with our own opinions, that we prejudge what others are trying to say before they’ve finished. And at times even before we have our own clear thoughts about what was or is being said. We aren’t actually trying to do that, but our ego’s take over and we lose our sense of control. Even the best of us!

WordsTo be a better listener… you have to hold another person’s desire to express themselves above and over your own desire to express yourself. If you spend all or most of a conversation concentrating on something else, or even thinking about the next thing you want to say in response, you’re not really listening.

Instead of letting our minds drift in and out or thinking about what to say in response, try to actually focus on the the speaker themselves. Most people unfortunately are easily distracted by thoughts of what they want to say, sometimes they may even be a little exited about a thought they have and want to respond immediately so they don’t forget it. Other times they simply have their own opinion locked and loaded to fire off as soon as there is the slightest break in dialogue. What we must do, is really try to hold off and let the other person finish their thought, then let the response flow naturally and directly from and in response to what they has just said.

The interesting thing is none of us are perfect…we try so hard to appear that way, but we aren’t. Most of the time we just simply miss the point; that we are social beings and learn an immense amount from just being with and listening to others. Recently I read something that sounded very simple yet somewhat profound in regard to listening to people.

To be an active part of an conversation we must:

- Explore, what is being said in terms of the speakers worldidea
- Respond, try to be very clear of what what was said, and respond again in terms of the speakers world
- Encourage, the conversation to be a back and forth flow, for each to understand clearly

Conversations by nature are two way, although there will always be some people who are self-centered and demand more. But that is not the intent of the majority. Most, want to have meaningful conversations, especially with those we care about. We just have little or no experience at doing this. Response thinking we must try and try and try again.

A meaningful conversation is about finding a connection where the potential exists. Often subliminal, but present nonetheless. If someone is talking the time to speak with you, they are trying to make a connection, and it’s more of a privilege than many may comprehend. More than mere words are happening, more than great or grandiose thoughts, we are giving and receiving a portion of life, through the time that we are with them. Honestly there is little else that can even come close to being so valuable a gift.


So the true essence of being a great listener then is to appreciate and cherish all the moments that we spend with others, for they will never again return to us. Give others your full attention. If we all try to do this, then we will make the world a better place for all!

Webbingz, Connectionz are what Matterz!