What better way to demonstrate our ‘Connections’ with others than simply by being with them in a casual, easygoing way.

Dave SW

4/26/20233 min read

They don't have to be, yet we often make them so. Our actual needs are simple, yet day-to-day happenings seem to drive us to always want more, even though more often equates to less in the ways that are really important. Life becomes an autonomic event where we do things, but never really pay attention to what we’re doing.

Children want to learn and will do almost anything if someone is willing to do it with them. Teens want to know that they are seen and heard. Adults want to know that what they do counts for something.

What better way to demonstrate our ‘Connections’ with others than simply by being with them in a casual, easygoing way, you know simple, old-fashioned togetherness? If we try to see the ordinary as extraordinary when talking with someone and not worrying about who’s right or wrong just being in the moment with them.

Staying awake to what matters most in someone else’s life. Loving and being loved. Embrace family. Restore people’s faith in humanity. Remember to give your whole heart and your whole mind to those we are with — before it all disappears, whoosh!

For you to give this to another person to make this kind of impact in a lifetime is a special gift, but it takes practice. Some people never, ever grasp this concept. Let this not be your fate. Let this not be the fate of those around and close to you. Let it not be the fate of anyone.

Grab those around you – big or small – look into their faces, show them your eyes, and let them see that you care. Give what you can every day and in every way and you will find that your capacity for that giving grows as you do so. When you give all you are able, you will not regret it. Your only regret may be that you held back, that you didn’t or were unable to have done more.

I want to ask my village of friends all around the world, to share with us their favourite ordinary moments… the times when you were overjoyed just to do for others… the times when the only thing that really mattered was the connection, your words will be inspirational and wise beyond comprehension.

It's not about travelling someplace, spending huge sums of money or throwing amazing parties. But about the simple things: The best moments are when 
we’re together because the simple things are powerful. Those moments are what make for the best memories. The ones that we can think about often, those that lift us up.

Connections Help

Your friend gets your joke. Your family member listens to how your day went, a co-worker helps you to finish something on time, you give your better half gives you a big hug. They are all helping you bust stress and boost your well-being. Humans are social: We crave the feeling of being supported, valued and connected.

Benefits of social connection: • Increased happiness • Better health • A longer life

Connections can take many forms, from intense talks to helping someone accomplish something or maybe it's just telling a good joke.

Creating Connections

A Connection happens when: • you give or get help, such as having a neighbour house sit for you • you give or get emotional support, someone tells you, "I'm really sorry for your loss" • someone helps to alter your perspective, reminding someone that ‘This to shall pass’ • getting or receiving advice, or suggestions • people learn they are not the only one who likes or does something • you know you can rely on someone, to do what they say

Everyone Needs Support!

Family or friends....who: • you feel comfortable to be with • give you a sense you could tell them anything • help you solve situations or problems • make you feel valued • take your concerns seriously

Making Friends

If you feel you you don’t have enough connections or support. Consider these suggestions: • Enrol in a learning adventure (night school or another course) • Join a club or group • Volunteer • Reach out by attending any events in your area

Gaining Fulfilment

When we take a path of awareness, we see every situation that we find ourselves in, as beneficial for our development. We affect one another with our thoughts, qualities, and feelings. Everything is passed from one person to another. Change for the better depends on us being able to transfer our focus from "me" to "we". It is vital that we learn how to connect and cooperate.

Dave SW